Blue Ivy is looking quite like her father, Jay-Z, these days, and new pictures of the pair show that they even have the same facial expressions. The 43-year-old held on tightly to his baby girl while in Canada this week, and the duo was joined by proud mother Beyoncé. They met up for lunch at Café Nervosa, as the 31-year-old continues her “Mrs. Carter” world tour. Jay-Z was also set to perform for his “Legends of Summer” show in Toronto that night. [[nid:1351725]][[nid:1351727]][[nid:1351729]]

Beyoncé could not help but smile as Jay-Z carried Blue Ivy around while she carried a trendy animal print bag and large diaper bag. Both she and Jay-Z have plenty of reason to be happy these days. Jay-Z’s latest album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail,” debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, and Beyoncé was nominated Thursday for three Emmy awards.

As the three made their way past onlookers, Blue Ivy clasped onto her father’s chest and furrowed her eyebrows just as Jay-Z furrowed his brows, presumably from the flashing camera lights and the bright sun. They then made their way to an awaiting SUV.

Meanwhile, during a radio interview on New York station Hot 97 last Tuesday, Jay-Z revealed that he definitely wants more children. “Absolutely, God willing,” he said, before jokingly adding that he would prefer “a little basketball team” worth of children.

“Then you could be their agent and their dad at the same time,” interviewer Angie Martinez joked back, making reference to the fact Jay-Z recently founded sports agency Roc Nation Sports and has already signed star athletes such as the NBA’s Kevin Durant. “The world would be a better place,” the rapper replied with a laugh.