BNP Paribas SA reported a 21 percent jump in its third quarter profit, beating estimates.

Net income rose 2.03 billion euros ($2.97 billion) from 1.68 billion euros in the year ago period.

Earnings topped analyst estimates. A Reuters poll estimated earnings of 1.89 billion euros. A Bloomberg poll estimated 1.79 billion euros.

BNP Paribas cited write-downs and risk provisions related to subprime mortgage losses in the U.S. totaling 301 million euros.

The bank's asset management business saw its profit rise 35 percent to 485 million euros. Its consumer bank profit rose 2.2 percent to 417 million euros. Corporate and investment banking profit fell 11 percent to 799 million euros.

Write-downs included 194 million euros in leveraged buyout loans and 36 million euros in asset-backed debt.