The times are certainly a-changin' for Bob Dylan.

The legendary musician performed his first concert in mainland China on Wednesday. He had to stick to a set list that was pre-approved by the government so it would not offend the nation's Communist rulers.

Reuters reported that Dylan's performance at the Worker's Gymnasium in Beijing drew about 5,000 people, who were mainly Chinese youth and a good number of foreigners.

Dylan obviously stayed away from songs with clear protest messages such as The Times are A-Changin'. Some of the songs he played include All Along the Watchtower, and Like a Rolling Stone, which both could be interpreted as songs critical of government.

Dylan was granted permission last month by the Chinese government to perform shows in Beijing and Shanghai.

The popular musician was heavily criticized by the state-run newspaper, The Global Times.

The subject of Dylan's songs, from drugs to racial equality to human dignity to war, are not on the radar of the average Chinese person, who is more interested in taking care of his or her family, the newspaper wrote.

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