Nearly two weeks after publishing the last photo of singer Whitney Houston in her casket, the National Enquirer is back at it again, this time claiming that the dead singer and her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, shared the same drug dealer.

The National Enquirer came under heavy scrutiny from Houston fans and other publications since Houston's casket photo appeared on its front page, but that hasn't stopped the tabloid from publishing stories from unnamed sources about Houston and her family.

In the exclusive story published on Monday, the National Enquirer reported that Houston got regular deliveries from a drug dealer who also secretly supplied drugs and alcohol to Bobbi Kristina.

The tabloid also claimed that Houston spent the past six months of her life locked in her bedroom getting high.

The tabloid didn't have any quotes from representatives for Houston in its article. Instead, an unnamed source, who is allegedly close to Houston, claimed that the dealer named Jay would visit Houston's home in the evening and was familiar with the singer's family.

Whitney would hand a wad of cash to the third party - a trusted friend, the source reportedly told the National Enquirer. It contained hundreds of dol­lars, and the pal would give Jay the money.

The alleged drug dealer would then hand over a paper bag and no one but Houston saw what was inside, the source told the tabloid.

That source also told the national Enquirer that Bobbi Kristina would allegedly buy drug from Jay when Whitney was out of town. It was also claimed that the dealer would buy Bobbi Kristina large bottles of vodka.

Bobbi and her friends would tear up the house, drinking, dancing, screaming and doing drugs until they passed out, the National Enquirer reported. It was pretty out of control.

Houston and her ex-husband Bobby Brown battled drugs for years. Their only child together, Bobbi Kristina, also appeared in photographed allegedly using cocaine. But the 19 year old has said that while she was in the photograph, she was actually set up.

Reports are that Bobbi Kristina is pretty furious that the National Enquirer leaked a photo of her mother in her open casket on its cover last month. There are no words yet as to who took the photo, but the Newark, N.J. funeral home that handled Houston's body has denied taking the photo. The owner of the funeral home also said that only three people had access to Houston's body, which was heavily guarded by security chosen by the singer's family.

Houston, 48, died at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Feb. 11. Following her death, Bobbi Kristina was hospitalized for stress and anxiety. Reports surfaced that Bobbi Kristina ran away after her mother's funeral on Feb. 18 to do drugs, but a family member has since told the media that Bobbi Kristina was safe and with the family all along.

Bobbi Kristina will give her first interview since her mother's death to Oprah Winfrey. That episode airs March 11.