What took you so long, Coach Knight?

Ending the long anticipation of when ESPN broadcaster Bobby Knight would drop foul language on live television, the former head coach ended the long drought during a Saturday edition of College GameDay on ESPN on the campus of Baylor.

When describing defense in what was supposed to be a fun segment in which fellow broadcasters, Rece Davis, Jay Bilas, and Hubert Davis played referees, Knight replied, ...the chicken s*** defense.

Laughter from the other broadcasters overlapped Knight's further comments.

When the segment returned from commercial, Davis apologized for Knight's foul language. In typical Bobby Knight fashion, his expression during the apology seemed apathetic or perhaps disgruntled.

During Davis's apology on ESPN's behalf of Knight's foul language, Knight is seen folding a piece of paper into squares, while not making eye contact with neither Davis nor the camera.