Update as of 12:40 a.m. EDT: Boeing, in an update on its Twitter account, announced that local law enforcement officials as well as the company's own security team had declared there was no danger within the company's Everett plant, after a search of the complex following reports of sightings of an armed gunman.


Police in Everett, Washington, are searching buildings inside The Boeing Company’s plant, after they received unconfirmed reports about a man with a weapon inside the complex. Several callers described a man in dark clothes at the plant’s northern end, according to reports.

Police have not yet found a gunman and there have not been any indications of gunshots being fired or any injured persons. However, Boeing employees were escorted out of the buildings as the search for the man continued within the plant where the company makes the wide-body 747 and 787 jets, The Seattle Times reported.

Chicago-based Boeing’s spokesperson Doug Alder said, according to The Associated Press, that the company is "taking all precautions."