The midseason finale of “Bones” aired Thursday and was a huge milestone for the Fox series – the  200th episode. The landmark episode called for some special pomp and circumstance. “The 200th in the 10th,” was an Alfred Hitchcock-themed homage with every character reimagined in 1950’s Hollywood.

The episode began with the stars of “Bones,” David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel introduced in a black and white newsreel as movie stars in a new film.

The film then began, complete with the 20th Century Fox logo, with the two actors driving 1950’s cars on Mulholland Drive at sunset. Boreanaz’s Booth arrived at a gorgeous mansion, scaling the walls to break inside. Deschanel’s Brennan arrived just after, searching the house with a gun for the intruder. Without any dialogue the cat and mouse chase continued around the house to a Bernhard Herrmann-esque score reminiscent of Hitchcock’s “Vertigo.” Booth came to a safe hidden inside the house, working to get it opened, but he was interrupted by Cam (Tamara Taylor), who was a maid in the house. He fled, but Cam was shocked to find the woman of the house, Eva Bragga, dead in the safe. She screamed and alerted Brennan to the scene.

At the LAPD station Brennan returned, frustrated she had let Booth get away, but convinced he was not the murderer. However, the chief, her father (Ryan O’Neal), did not think that she was up to the case, taking her gun and badge.

Booth returned home later that night to a surprise. Brennan was in his room with a proposition. She wanted to catch the killer to get her badge back and he needed to clear his name. They decided to work together to solve the crime.

The next day they went to a paleontologist, Dr. Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) with a bone sample Brennan stole from the crime scene. Hodgins said that he could help solve the case, but they would need more bones, meaning Booth would have to steal the body.

Meanwhile, Angela Montenegro (Michaela Conlin), a secretary from the LAPD, and Wendell Bray (Michael Grant Terry), a crime reporter, who both believed Brennan that Booth was innocent, met with a jewel fence, Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat). He told them that Eva Bragga sold him her jewels just before her murder after returning from Brazil, which is why Booth did not find them in the safe.

Elsewhere, Booth insisted he and Brennan meet with a mysterious homeless war veteran and guitarist named Sarge (Billy F. Gibbons) who Booth gave a good deal of cash for a reason he would not divulge.

Booth and Brennan got a tip that Bragga’s boyfriend, James Aubrey (John Boyd), was at a club called the Velvet Fox. They went to the club where they found him with another rich woman, Daisy Wick (Carla Gallo). Aubrey told them that Bragga had broken up with him before she was killed and he had nothing to do with the murder. When the police showed up at the club, Booth had to sneak away by dancing through the club with random partners. He pulled the club singer, Jessica Warren (Lauren Spencer) into a forceful dance and tried to question her about Bragga as Aubrey had revealed that Bragga had slept with Warren's husband. But Sarge (Billy F. Gibbons) showed up to let Booth know he needed to leave fast.

The next day, Booth and Brennan spent the morning together after he slept at her house. Unfortunately, Brennan got a call that the police knew Booth was with her and they were sending a search party.

Back at the Natural History Museum, Dr. Hodgins threw a wrench in the case when he realized that Eva Bragga was not the dead body found in the safe.

Booth took a sketch of the real dead woman and went to Aubrey to see if her knew her identity. He did, but he was mysteriously stabbed before he could tell Booth, and Booth was left in the street with the dead man, appearing to have been responsible.

Brennan met with Velvet Fox’s owner, Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher). Booth had run off and Brennan was worried he really was just a low life criminal, but Caroline revealed that Booth only stole for justice from those who had profited off the war. Then, Brennan got a call that Dr. Hodgins had discovered the time of death and there was no way it could have been Booth.

Booth showed up right after with Jessica Warren’s husband who revealed that the dead woman was, in fact, Eva Bragga. It was the maid, Cam, who had killed Eva Bragga to run away with the jewels. Jessica’s husband had been fooling around with Cam while she was posing as Bragga.

Booth and Brennan went to confront Cam at Bragga’s house, but she pulled a gun on them and forced them into the closet. The two appeared about to kiss in the closet before Cam took Brennan away as a hostage.

Meanwhile, Angela and Dr. Hodgins showed up at the police station, convincing the chief of Booth’s innocence (and also falling for each other).

Cam arrived at a getaway plane where, after paying the sleazy pilot (Michael Badalucco), she hopped aboard, planning to dump Brennan’s body in the ocean from the air. Booth showed up, but the plane was already going down the runway. Luckily, Cam had trouble closing the cargo door and Booth was able to climb onto the plane. A fight ensued between Cam, the pilot, Booth, and a tied up Brennan. When the jewels started to slide out of the plane, Cam dove after them, falling out of the plane to her death. However, with the pilot now unconscious it was up to Booth to fly the plane. He calmly took control and got the plane coasting safely through the air.

Later on the ground, Brennan was made a detective again and Booth’s name was cleared. They later visited Sarge, whom it turned out Booth only took care of as thanks for the man's protection in the war. Booth and Brennan later kissed on a cliff overlooking the city of Los Angeles.

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