Delta Flight 226 collided with ASA Flight 4904 at Logan Airport on Thursday (REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

Federal investigators are expected to arrive shortly at the scene of an accident involving two jets at Boston's Logan International Airport.  Authorities say that the wing of a large moving passenger jet clipped the tail of a smaller stationary aircraft on a taxiway around 7:30 pm local time on Thursday.

An airline spokesman indicated that the crash involved Delta Flight 266 from Boston to Amsterdam, which hit the vertical stabilizer of Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) Flight 4904, also departing Boston and headed to Raleigh-Durham.  ASA provides regional air service for Delta, and both jets were preparing for takeoff.

Flight 266 returned to the gate and passengers deplaned without incident, Delta said in a prepared statement. Passengers on ASA Flight 4904 deplaned and were transported by bus to the terminal. Both aircraft have been removed from service for inspections and passengers are currently being re-accommodated on other aircraft.

An airport spokesman said that one person was treated at a hospital, complaining of neck pains.  Other passengers described feeling a sharp jolt, followed by crying and screaming.

We definitely felt a jolt when the planes collided, but it wasn't, I don't know it was violent, nobody was like thrown forward in their seats or anything. We all just -- there was a general gasp, passenger Megina Bake, who was on the 767 jet, told ABC News.

The National Transportation Safety Board will pull the black box recorders from the planes and get statements from the crew as it investigates the incident.

This is the second such accident in the past few months.  The crash came three months after a Comair plane was involved in a dramatic smash with an Air France A380 on the tarmac at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.  That incident made headlines globally after being caught on film.