Maybe it's all part of his fantasy. Vitalii Sediuk still enjoys poking fun at authority despite being sentenced to 20 days of community service for punching actor Brad Pitt in May. The Hollywood prankster was seen picking up trash in an orange vest this week, but the T-shirt he wore under it is what's got people talking. Sediuk's sleeveless shirt featured an image of Pitt’s face and upper body. Sediuk even took a selfie during one of his breaks.

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The 25-year-old Ukrainian journalist attacked Pitt last month as the actor signed autographs for fans. Pitt was with his partner, Angelina Jolie, on the red carpet in Hollywood for the opening of her latest film, “Maleficent.” 

The Associated Press reports “witnesses saw the man from the fan area jump over a barrier to the red carpet” and rush at Pitt. “Security guards wrestled the man across the barrier and called police, who arrived and led the man away.” Seemingly unfazed, the 50-year-old Pitt continued to wave to fans before walking into the El Capitan Theatre.

Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Gus Villanueva later said Pitt wasn't seriously hurt, and Sediuk was arrested for misdemeanor battery. He later pleaded no contest to the charges and was sentenced to 36 months of probation, fined $220 and ordered to stay 500 yards away from red carpets, movie premieres and award shows.

This isn't the first time Sediuk has pulled a ridiculous stunt at a red carpet event. In May, at America Ferrera’s appearance in Cannes for her film “How to Train Your Dragon 2,” he tried to climb under her dress. Security had to come and drag him away.

In January, Sediuk was able to get onto the red carpet at the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles and wrap his arms around Bradley Cooper before resting his face in the actor’s crotch.

That prank was rather tame compared to what he did to Will Smith in May 2012. At the Moscow premiere of “Men in Black 3,” Sediuk kissed Smith, who responded by shoving and slapping him. "He's lucky I didn't sucker-punch him," Smith later told reporters.