Denver Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn took to Twitter Thursday night to clear things up regarding quotes he gave to GQ reporter Michael Silver in his profile of teammate and starting quarterback Tim Tebow.

The comments attributed to me in a recent magazine article are in NO WAY reflective of my opinion of Tim and the Broncos, Quinn wrote.

Tim deserves a lot of credit for our success and I'm happy for him and what he accomplished. Most importantly, he is a great teammate. That interview was conducted three months ago, and the resulting story was a completely inaccurate portrayal of my comments. I have addressed my disappointment with the writer and have reached out to Tim to clear this up. I apologize to anyone who feels I was trying to take anything away from our team's or Tim's success this season.

Of the QG interview quotes, Quinn told the Denver Post: I think they were taken in the wrong tone. Had I known at the time the direction the article was going to go I would not have participated in the interview at all.

The minor scandal started when Michael Silver quoted Brady Quinn seeming resentful at the attention that fellow player Tim Tebow was getting from the media.

Early in the season, there was a game when Kyle [Orton] got hurt and the coaches were calling for me to go in, but Kyle got up and finished the game out. So I was the second-string guy, Quinn is quoted as saying. Then, a few weeks later, they decided to put Tim in. I felt like the fans had a lot to do with that. Just 'cause they were chanting his name. There was a big calling for him. No, I didn't have any billboards. That would have been nice.

Michael Silver, the author of the GQ piece, had the following to say on Twitter, referring to Brady Quinn by his Twitter handle: The people ripping @BQ9 for his comments in GQ have it wrong. He was honest & not bitter at all. We talked for 50 minutes & he was respectful.

Deadspin writer Barry Petchesky was not convinced by Silver's claim, and wrote, Honestly? That makes Silver's reporting look all the more suspect. He concluded: If indeed Quinn was 'not bitter at all,' Silver did a hell of a job making him seem like he was.