Brazilian man Ricardo Sergio Freire de Barros, 41, was arrested on Tuesday, after he tried using a fake ID of actor Jack Nicholson open a bank account.

Nicholson is a 12-time nominee for an Academy Award and has twice won the Oscar for Best Actor Oscar. But Barros looks nothing like the 74-year-old American actor.

Police Chief Erivaldo Guerra told CNN that authorities have been tracking Barros for three months after receiving multiple reports of fraudulent activities. The chief told the media that the Barros was using fake IDs to open bank accounts and credit cards with high limits. He later defaulted on the debts, according to CNN.

Police said that at the time of his arrest Barros reportedly had six different IDS and numerous checkbooks and credit cards.

Though the fake ID had the Hollywood actor's face on it, the card had the name Joao Pedro dos Santos on it and was accompanied by a fingerprint.