Update 1:45 p.m. EST: Dassey won’t be heading home soon after all. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a three-judge panel from  7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago announced Thursday afternoon that Dassey will remain in prison as the state of Wisconsin appeals a decision overturning his conviction.

Original Story: Brendan Dassey’s family is busy preparing for his release. After Dassey’s conviction was overturned in September, the Netflix “Making A Murderer” star was ordered to be sent home. Dassey could leave prison anytime between now and Friday evening.

According to TMZ, Dassey’s parents have spent the past week making sure his new bedroom is ready for him when he comes home. Dassey’s family moved into a new house shortly after he was sent to prison, so it will be the first time Dassey sees the bedroom.

The outlet, which has photos of Dassey’s room, reported that his parents filled the living quarters with posters, letters from his supporters, a game system, movies and a guitar from a fan. They also dedicated a spot to WWE wrestler John Cena because Dassey is a huge wrestling fan. 

TMZ previously reported that one of the first things Dassey wanted to do following his release was spend time with his family. Sources told the publication that the 27-year-old was also interested in traveling and eventually settling down with a wife and kids. Dassey’s family also hope they can get him to WrestleMania, which is in April 2017. 

According to USA Today, U.S. Magistrate judge William Duffin ordered that Dassey be released from Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, by 8 p.m. Friday. However, the state Department of Justice filed a motion arguing that Dassey needs to stay behind bars.  “Dassey admitted to his crimes in extensive detail, in an entirely voluntary confession, during which investigators used techniques that courts around the country have approved time and again,” the motion read (via Post-Crescent). 

Dassey, 26, has been in prison for 10 years. He was convicted in 2007 and sentenced to life in prison after he confessed to helping his uncle Steven Avery rape and murder Teresa Halbach, a photographer who disappeared Halloween 2005 after visiting Avery’s property for a work assignment.

Although Dassey confessed to the crime, the Wisconsin native later recanted his confession saying he had been coerced into admitting his guilt. Avery is still behind bars as his new attorney Kathleen Zellner works to prove his innocence.