Since the film adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey" was announced in March, speculation about who will play the role of Christian Grey has run wild.

Fresh off the success of "Magic Mike," Matt Bomer is one actor whose name has been tossed into the ring to play the gorgeous billionaire. Last month, a photo shopped Entertainment Weekly cover claiming that Bomer had been cast in the role made the rounds on the internet. There's also a fan made trailer starring Bomer and "Gilmore Girls" star Alexis Bledel that has had fans buzzing.

Yet according to Bret Easton Ellis, who unsuccessfully campaigned on Twitter to be chosen as the film's screenwriter, Bomer should be ruled out for the role because he's openly gay. The "American Psycho" author posted over fifteen tweets protesting the potential casting of Bomer, citing the "White Collar" star's sexual orientation:


In a June interview with E!, Bomer explained his frustration with actors being labeled according to their race or sexuality.

"What we really have to do is stop the adjective before the job title-whether it's 'black actor,' a 'gay actor' or 'anything actor,'" Bomer said. "Everybody thinks that equality comes from identifying people, and that's not where equality comes from. Equality comes from treating everybody the same regardless of who they are. I hope the media and the press catches on to that because it's time to move out of 1992."

On Wednesday, Ellis announced via Twitter that is no longer in the running to write the film.

"It's a very major disappointment to announce that I've somehow been taken off the list of possible screenwriters for 'Fifty Shades of Grey,'" he tweeted.

Perhaps Ellis is suffering from a case of sour grapes?

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Karen Croner ("On True Thing"), Dan Fogelman ("Cars", "Tangled"), Veena Sud ("The Killing") and Kelly Marcel ("Terra Nova") are among the remaining screenwriters being considered to adapt the raunchy tale.

Focus Features/Universal (GE) snapped up the "Fifty Shades" film rights for $5 million after beating out the likes of Warner Brothers (TWX) and Sony Pictures (SNE). In July, Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti (the team behind the Oscar nominated "The Social Network") were named as producers.