Brett Favre's lawyers say the football legend should not have to respond to allegations made about his personal life in a lawsuit by a pair of massage therapists.

Shannon O'Toole and Christina Scavo are suing Favre, charging that he had the New York Jets blacklist their business after they objected to Favre's advances against another woman at their business.

As a part of their lawsuit, the women have asked Favre to respond to allegations that the former quarterback sent obscene photos to a Jets hostess and frequently solicited women the massage therapists knew.

Specifically, the plaintiffs' lawyers are demanding that Favre address a lewd photo posted on a sports gossip site and confirm whether the picture depicts his anatomy.

Favre's lawyers maintain these allegations are irrelevant to the case, whether or not they are true, and Favre should not have to take the stand to address them during the lawsuit. According to Favre's lawyers, the attempts to call attention to these photos are inappropriate and distract from the true nature of the case.

''These requests clearly have absolutely nothing to do with this lawsuit and have been included only to harass and embarrass,'' Favre attorney Sharon H. Stern wrote, according to Fox Sports.

Lawyers for the Jets have filed objections along these lines as well.

The therapists' lawyers aren't buying Favre's defense, however. They say this is merely a ploy to keep Favre from testifying in the case.

''It's yet another attempt by the defendants, particularly Brett Favre, to avoid having to testify under oath in this matter,'' attorney Elizabeth Eilender said.

O'Toole and Scavo say they were called in to give massages to Jets members several times during the 2008 pre-season until the two rejected solicitations from Favre and were fired. The Jets, however, allege that the two only worked with the team for five days and never made the team aware of their concerns.