A bride in Cornwall, U.K., experienced more than one memorable kiss on her wedding day.

When one of her wedding guests passed out over the weekend, Kylie Cox, a 24-year-old bride, performed CPR to save his life, The Daily Mirror reports.

Still wearing her wedding dress, the bride was dancing with a 28-year-old friend in front of 160 guests when the man collapsed. Cox, a registered nurse, performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on the man until paramedics arrived, The Daily Mirror reports.

“Our friend asked me for a dance, but while we were on the dance floor, he complained of feeling faint,” Cox told The Daily Mirror. “I turned round to get him a chair and he collapsed. I rushed over and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

Cox’s life-saving efforts were aided by a bridesmaid who also happened to be a nurse, and her uncle, who performed crucial chest compressions.

 "A bridesmaid, who is also a nurse, did the same and my uncle and another guest joined in to give him chest compression until the ambulance arrived,” Cox said.

The guest’s health scare brought Cox’s wedding to an abrupt end, turning a blissful event into a tense night at a local hospital. Kylie and her groom, 24-year-old Russell Cox, abandoned the celebration to hold vigil at their friend’s bedside.

“Then me and Russell spent the first night of our marriage at the hospital, because we didn’t know whether our friend was going to live or die,” the bride told The Daily Mirror.

For the couple’s friend, Cox’s “kiss” may have been the different between life and death.

“The doctors told us it was a miracle he survived. He only had one drink all day as he was driving. He’s still in hospital, but he’s going to make a full recovery,” Cox said.

“The party was due to go on till late, but when me and Russell left at 8:30 p.m., my dad sent everybody home as he thought our friend was going to die.”

The newlyweds are planning on holding a second wedding reception in the future, where the bride’s kisses will presumably be saved for her husband.