Levi Johnson apparently needs some help paying his legal fees, and reportedly set up a GoFundMe account asking the public to donate. Johnston racked up quite a bill battling his ex-fiancée, Bristol Palin, in court over the custody of their son Tripp, and is trying to raise at least $5,000.

According to TMZ, the GoFundMe page was set up Friday by Johnston’s wife, Sunny. So far the couple has managed to raise over $5,600.

Johnston and Palin settled their seven-year custody battle in February. They both now have joint custody of the little boy. Johnston announced his legal drama had finally ended on social media writing that he and Palin were going to co-parent Tripp. Johnston also added in his post that going back and forth to court cost him “around $100,000” in legal fees. In addition, Johnston admitted that he also owed “some back child support.” TMZ previously reported that he owes his ex close to $60,000.

Palin was also happy to finally settle things with Johnston taking to her Instagram account to comment on their new agreement. “These babies are my world, and I will always be doing what is best for them,” she posted on Instagram. “Every child deserves two loving parents, so I will continue to encourage that, no matter what. I have never, and will never, keep them from having a positive relationship with their fathers. I did not ‘lose’ any custody case — my son has always spent most of his time with me and he will continue to do so. He is happy, healthy, and knows both of his parents love him.”

Around the time Palin was battling Johnston in court, she was also in a custody war with Dakota Meyer over their daughter, Sailor Grace. The two were able to work things out and secretly got married last month after rekindling their romance.