New research shows that British moms are spending £171 million ($268 million) a year in order to keep up with trends started by celebrity parents. According to an article released by the Daily Mail on Sunday, a new study conducted by parenting site Netmums reveals that 9 in 10 moms say they are influenced by star parents, with 91 percent believing the impact of celebrities on normal families is growing fast.

A third of moms quizzed admitted they had bought items endorsed by a celebrity mother and spending an average of £73.39 each year. The parenting website found that the most popular items that British moms are most likely to emulate and buy would be children’s clothing designed by the celebrities, a star’s post-pregnancy workout DVD and celebrity parenting guides. 

It seems that nothing can stop celebrity-obsessed moms from copying what their favorite stars are wearing, be it maternity wear or the clothes worn by celebrity children. TV personality Kim Kardashian and daughter North West have been seen wearing matching outfits from tank tops, high end fur coats to Givenchy dresses, as reported by the New York Daily News, and 50 percent of the respondents have chosen to follow the "matching outfits" trend started by said famous mother-daughter tandem.

The rush to copy celebrity parent lifestyles also comes with a severe impact, as mothers are left feeling inadequate trying to keep up with the famous moms. A majority of the moms polled criticized parent celebrities for setting an unrealistically high standard that normal moms cannot match, such as being able to snap back to shape immediately after giving birth, and celebrity parents pretending to “do it all” when they really have nannies, chefs and personal trainers. 

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