Britney Spears has been all over the news lately, and thank goodness it's not due to another meltdown (2008 was such a crazy year). The latest in Britney news is that the pop star's fiancé, Jason Trawick, has been appointed as her co-conservator.

The conservatorship was put in place after Spears' infamous 2008 meltdown. A shaved head, blue wig wearing, umbrella wielding Britney was not deemed able to care for her personal affairs, and her father, Jamie Spears, was granted conservatorship in February 2008. This past Wednesday, Trawick was granted permission to be a co-conservator. While Trawick has been put in place, he is not able to have control over his future wife's finances.

Conservators generally have legal control over the general well-being of a person, which can include food, clothing and medical care. The conservatorship is permanent until doctors are able to prove to a judge that the pop star is fit enough to handle her own affairs, reports the LA Times.

Jamie's thrilled, Spears' father's attorney, Geraldine Wyle, told reports after the hearing. It's all in the family. Although Jamie is thrilled, it wasn't him who requested that Trawick be added, it was Ms. Spears herself.

So who is the man that pop princess Britney Spears is head over heels for?

Managing Career

As of May 2008, Trawick has been managing Britney Spears' career.  As her manager he has helped her career, like getting her the hilarious role on How I Met Your Mother. Trawick has also helped her personally by reuniting Spears with her estranged parents. Since being linked to Spears romantically, Trawick quit as Britney's agent to focus on their relationship.


Trawick hasn't just stuck behind the scenes in Hollywood. He was cast as Spears' lover in a steamy sex scene for her Criminal music video. In the music video, the real life lovers played a modern day Bonnie and Clyde duo. Trawick's character is a bad boy who whisks Spears away from her abusive boyfriend. The video also features the pair with guns as they hold up a store in London. The fake guns used caused some controversy when London Authorities stated that they had never agreed to let her film at a Stoke Newington Town Hall with replica guns.

Daring Driver

After the Criminal video shoot in 2011, Spears gifted Trawick with the $45,000 motorcycle that was featured in the music video for his 40th birthday. The motorcycle, a third generation X132 Hellcat from Confederate Motorcycles is known as the Bentley of motorcycles. In order to complete the gift, Spears threw in a $1,000 leather jacket.


Trawick and Spears began dating in 2009 when her craziness was dying down. In May 2010 it was confirmed by Spears' rep that the pair were dating, ending Trawick's business relationship with Spears. On December 15, 2011, Trawick proposed to Spears. December 15 also happened to be Trawick's 40th birthday. The agent proposed with a three-carat round, Neil Lane stone with a diamond-paved band.

Home Sweet Home

Just this week Spears sold her Beverly Hills home in which she had her famous 2008 meltdown. Listed at $2,995,000, an anonymous bidder acquired the house for $4,253,000. Spears has no need for the home as she moved into a Thousand Oaks, California mansion with Trawick and her two young kids last December. Trawick and Spears are renting a house until they can settle on one to purchase.