A 35-year-old man is awaiting charges after he confessed to authorities that he kidnapped and panicked, killing Leiby Kletzky, the Brooklyn boy who went missing on his way home from summer camp.

Levi Aron of Brooklyn admitted to police that he panicked, leading to killing the9-year-old and storing his chopped up body parts in his refrigerator. Investigators found human remains of the boy in a blood-stained refrigerator next to bloody knives and a butting board, according to NY1, along with other body parts in a red suitcase in a dumpster two miles from Aron's home.

Police reports state that the boy was lost and had asked Aron for directions home. The entire ordeal was caught on surveillance camera including leaving his school, walking the wrong direction and finally approaching Aron upon which he left in Aron's vehicle willingly and alive. Another video shows Kletzky waiting for seven minutes outside of a dentist's office, where Aron was inside paying a bill according to the New York Times.

Aron told investigators that he killed Kletzky in a state of panic upon seeing the intense search led by the community and the police upon notification the boy was missing. So far, there is no evidence released that the child was sexually abused but further investigations are still underway.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said, He panicked, and that is why he killed the boy.

Leiby Kletzky was caught on surveillance camera approaching Aron for directions from his summer camp. Kletzky was supposed to meet his mother at a designated spot one block away from the camp but instead willingly entered Aron's vehicle after a conversation. It is unknown if Aron and Kletzky previously knew each other.

Kletzky's parents reported that the child usually doesn't walk home alone and was allowed just this one time on conditions to meet his parents halfway from their home. When the child met his mother at a spot located one block away from the camp, police were notified and the search began, sparking interest in the surrounding community.

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