It's common for much of the attention at awards shows to go to the fashion choices of those attending the event. In fact, the hype over who was the best and worst dressed can sometimes outshine the actual awards. Buzz over strange facial hair, though, is not so common. However, that's what happened when Bryan Cranston came out to present the first award at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards. The "Breaking Bad" actor had some very strange facial hair going on that had fans talking Sunday night. 

Cranston was sporting what appeared to be a cross between a handle bar mustache and a soul patch while on stage to present Outstanding Actress in a Comedic Series. The look was very different from what fans saw at the Golden Globes only two weeks ago when the actor had a full beard. It is also unclear if the new facial hair is for a role in an upcoming film or TV series. The actor's listed projects do not seem to warrant such a unique look. 

Whatever Cranston's reason may be, his look sure had fans talking. Here are a few examples from Twitter:

Cranston will next be seen in the comedy "Get a Job" with Anna Kendrick and Miles Teller. 

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