Fanny is back at the studio, and she's pumped for the summer show season, when the ballerinas will be jumping and twirling for every fair and supermarket opening. Her excitement is dampened, however, by Sasha's tan lines. Apparently Fanny's dancers aren't allowed to get tan lines, and when Sasha seems less than sincere with her apology she gives her part in a partners dance to Boo.

After class Fanny invites Michelle to a play in LA. Michelle accepts and asks for details about Fanny's boyfriend Micheal. Fanny explains he's a pianist and they've been dating since Hubbell was a kid, and that they talked about marriage once, but it upset young Hubbell so much they never revisited it again.

At the play Fanny and Michelle are less than interested by the piece of theater, and when Michelle leaves during intermission to use the bathroom and comes back after the second act has started she decides to watch the rest of the show from the back, where she finds the director making furious entertaining notes. They get a pretty good banter going, but it's hard to tell if they have a connection because Michelle can create entertaining banter with just about anyone. When she gets back to Fanny and mentions the director Fanny offers to find another way to get home so Michelle can sleep with the director, which is nice of her, though Michelle declines the offer.

At the restaurant Boo gives Sasha a special dessert to make sure there are no hard feelings, then gently questions her about the tan lines that don't seem to match up with her dislike of the sun. Sasha gets defensive, which means there's probably more than a day at the beach behind them.

The director calls Michelle up for a date, and as they lay together in bed their banter seems even more comfortable and flirty, until Michelle realizes it's the first time she's slept with a man since Hubbell, at which point she dissolves into the hysterical tears she kind of forgot to  cry right after the death. A sort of awkward end to the date, but the director seems to take it in stride.

Boo is unhappy with her dance partner, a geeky guy named Carl who seems to be boardline stalking her, but when he brings her favorite drink to rehersal and proves he really cares about her she seems to soften to him, and really enjoy their dances together.

At the next rehearsal, everything dissolves into chaos. Sasha shows up late with blue hair, and tells Fanny she intends to go out for cheer-leading and won't have time to cheer and dance, so Fanny kicks her out. And when Carl adorably asks Boo over for some homemade lasagna Ginny and Melanine sweep in an tell him he hasn't got a chance with her, crushing him and appearing to crush Boo as well. It does nothing for the dancers moral, which translates into some pretty bad dancing.