Jim Rogers doesn’t care if silver continues to go down.  In fact, he would love it if that happened because he would be able to buy them for cheaper, he said on CNBC.

Rogers said the same thing about gold.  He said even if gold were to decline by a few hundred dollars per ounce, its rally would remain intact.

Rogers is a long-term bull on commodities, including precious metals. His fundamental premise is the money-printing of the Federal Reserve.

In addition to keeping interest rates at historic lows since December 2008, the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet expanded from $869 billion on August 8, 2007 to close to $3 trillion now.  Rogers thinks the size will get even bigger.

He said a new round of balance sheet expansion won’t immediately follow the end of QE2 and it may not be called ‘quantitative easing,’ but it will come again.