Caitlyn Jenner is now under a criminal investigation over February's car cash on the Pacific Coast Highway in the Los Angeles metro area that led to the death of one person. Her case will be sent to LA's Major Crimes Division, which usually handles extremely serious felonies such as murder, kidnapping and extortion, TMZ reported Monday, citing law enforcement sources. 

The LA County Sheriff's Department is just a couple of weeks from wrapping up its investigation into the crash. While such cases are sent to the District Attorney's closest satellite in Van Nuys, this case will be sent to the Major Crimes Division at the main office in downtown LA.

Some sources from law enforcement agencies insist that Jenner should not be charged with a case at all because it was inattentiveness that led to crash, TMZ reported. The sources added that even if Jenner gets charged, it should only be with misdemeanor and not a felony.

Many cases involving high-profile people have been sent to the Major Crimes Division just because the involved persons are celebrities, TMZ reported, citing sources. 

In the crash, Jenner’s Escalade first hit a Lexus being driven by Kim Howe, 69, who died after her car hit a Hummer. Jenner’s vehicle then continued down the road and hit a Prius being driven by a Jessica Steindorff. Howe’s stepchildren have sued Jenner, who was taken away by police officials after the accident.

The Olympic champion, who was previously married to Kris Jenner and later turned a transgender, has become a media sensation after she admitted that she had faced gender issues throughout her life. She had also appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair’s July issue.