“Cake Boss” star Buddy Valastro was arrested on drunk driving charges in New York City early Thursday morning after authorities watched his 2014 yellow Corvette swerve through traffic, TMZ reported. The TLC star didn’t think he should have been taken away in handcuffs, even though he had a blood alcohol content of .09. He reportedly yelled, “You can’t arrest me. I’m the Cake Boss.”

Since the legal limit is .08, New York police officers did indeed arrest him. Valastro told cops he was a “good guy” and that they should get him a cab instead of arresting him, TMZ wrote, citing court documents.

Authorities drove behind him for a short time before they ultimately pulled him over, NBC New York wrote. Valastro's eyes were bloodshot, his face was flushed and he failed a breathalyzer test.

Even though he purportedly said that he drank before driving, Valastro still maintains his innocence. He pleaded not guilty and was released without bail, TMZ said. He is due back in court in January, NBC New York wrote. The reality star, 42, was given a deal that includes a $300 fine and 90-day license suspension, ABC News added.

"Please know that I want to share and explain to you what happened today and I look forward to doing so at a later date, Valastro said in a statement,” according to NBC News. “I appreciate your support and understanding as we handle things privately as a family." 

TLC followed up with a statement: "We are thankful no one was harmed. This is a personal matter for Buddy and his family." 

Valastro became a reality star when “Cake Boss” originally premiered on The Learning Channel in 2009. Cameras followed him and his business, Carlo’s Bakery, located in New Jersey.

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