A California policeman has pleaded not guilty in the death of a homeless man who had schizophrenia.  

Fullerton policeman Manuel Ramos, 37, has been charged with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter for the death of Kelly Thomas, Reuters reported.

Thomas died after a confrontation with police officers at a bus depot, including Ramos. Thomas was beaten and Tasered multiple times and the event was captured on video, Reuters reported.

The Fullerton police department issued a press release on July 28, asking witnesses to come forward about the July 5 incident.

The statement said that Thomas was seriously injured during the arrest. He was taken first to St. Jude Medical Center and then to UCI Medical Center.

Thomas was taken off of life support a few days later on July 10, the statement said.

I believe none of the officers were responsible, Ramos' attorney John Barnett said at a news conference. Lethal force was the result of Kelly's actions.

Ramos had been kept in isolation and under suicide watch at the Orange County Jail, prosecutors said, Reuters reported.

His bail is set at $1 million and his next court date is scheduled for Nov. 4, the Los Angeles Times reported, and he could get anywhere between 15 years to life in prison, according to authorities.

Thomas' father, Ron, asked OC Superior Court Judge Erick Larsh that the bail amount not be reduced.

I don't sleep at night wondering if they will come to my house, he said, Reuters reported. I would consider him a flight risk. With the police officers' union posting his bail, he would think nothing of fleeing and not coming back.