Fans were engrossed with Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik’s Twitter feud Monday, wherein the two argued about simply creating music and doing it for the sake of money.

Now Malik’s followers seemed to be gaining ground in the online feud, defending their idol on Twitter. Meanwhile, an observant One Direction fan noticed that Louis Tomlinson followed Pringles amid the chaos, and linked it to the singer needing chips as he "watches" the fight.

It all started when the former One Direction band member retweeted a message from Twitter user @FemaleTexts, which compared Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, Time reported.  The tweet included a screenshot of Swift’s interview with the publication wherein the pop singer told fans that her music is available in iTunes after her withdrawal from Spotify. 

Alongside the tweet is a screenshot of Cyrus and a quote from the former Disney star on how she is “cool” if no one buys her album since she “already made money.” The snap also included a description of the singer’s Happy Hippie Foundation, which benefits LGBT youth. The Twitter user ended the message with, “The difference is astounding.”

Harris then took to Twitter to defend his girlfriend and released a series of messages wherein his initial shout-out tagged both @FemaleTexts and Malik. It reportedly quickly went downhill from there, with Malik reacting to Harris’ tweets. 

While Harris and Malik may have ended their Twitter feud with the producer and DJ wishing the former One Direction member the “best of luck,” and saying how Malik has “a great voice,” One Direction fans continued to voice their support for Malik online.

According to E! News, Malik fans seemed to have overpowered the number of Harris’ supporters on Twitter. Some of the fans wrote how “Zayn isn’t the one in the wrong” and another which stated that Harris “shouldn’t have mentioned him whilst saying what he did,” as it only made Malik “blow.”

Meanwhile, a One Direction fan also noticed that Tomlinson followed Pringles during the Harris-Malik ruckus and shared it online. This resulted to Twitter fans trying to link the action to Tomlinson needing a snack while "watching" the online feud.

A few fans wrote, “*zayn and calvin drama*  Louis: *comes online* *follows Pringles on Twitter*” while another stated that the singer “prolly grabbed his supply of pringles whilst watching the zayn vs calvin drama fam this sounds like something louis would do.”

Swift or Cyrus has yet to comment on @FemaleText’s message or the Harris-Malik feud.