David Cameron has pledged that the NATO operation against Libya would continue, for as long as required, after Muammar Gaddhafi vowed his forces would engage in incessant “fighting on every street” and staunchly refused to surrender.

As international leaders assembled at the “Friends of Libya” International conference, for aiding the National Transitional Council, Gaddhafi swore to turn “the country into hell,” in a message broadcast on Syrian television.

The Prime Minister said Libya is on the “brink of success;” and will aid the fledgling rebel government’s leaders along with more than 60 representatives from NATO and the United Nations to rebuild Libya on democratic lines.

The first batch of £1 billion Libyan dinar banknotes seized by the British government, have already been sent to Libya. Frozen Libyan assets held in billions by Britain will also be unlocked at the earliest to provide funds for the NTC, Reuters reports.

Cameron, who chaired the meeting along with French President Nicholas Sarkozy said the commitments made were justified as, “cannot have a failed, pariah state on Europe’s borders.”

“Freedom in Tripoli is bringing to light evidence of unspeakable crimes; unarmed people shot, people burned, people tortured. We must be clear, these crimes must be investigated and the guilty brought to justice.”

The NTC chairman, Mustafa Adbdul Jalil promised to ensure their side of the deal has been met, with complete “stability and security. Tolerance and forgiveness must be implemented and state of law must be respected.”

The conference was held at Elysee Palace