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International Tourism Arrivals To Exceed 1 Billion For First Time In 2012

Europe may be in the throes of a crisis while North America recovers from its own recession, but that hasn’t stopped people from traveling -- far from it. Despite concerns over the global economy, tourism has shown incredible resilience as international arrivals are now projected to cross the 1 billion mark for the first time in 2012.
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'Innocence of Muslims' And 5 Other Western Depictions Of Mohammed That Inflamed The Islamic World

The depiction of the prophet Mohammed in the Western media has long been a sore point among Muslims, who view the artistic expressions as blasphemous and highly offensive. "Innocence of Muslims," the anti-Mohammed film that gained YouTube notoriety and spurred the Benghazi, Libya, attack that killed Ambassador, is hardly the first Western media reference to the prophet to incite religious backlash.
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Liberian Timber Wars Pit Poverty-Stricken Communities Against Secretive Big Loggers Given An Opening By The Government

Forests are extremely important to Liberians, who rely upon vast wooded areas for everything from building supplies and medicine to water protection and game habitats. Recently, a government program turned over these critical regions to big logging firms in a misguided attempt to provide income and revenue for hard-hit communities. Can Ellen Sirleaf Johnson's administration curtail what it began?
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NATO Is Not Pleased With Hero's Homecoming For Convicted Axe Murderer

The chief of the NATO military alliance is on a damage-control tour of Central Asia after Azerbaijan's president pardoned, promoted and financially compensated a man who hacked to death a fellow NATO soldier, who was Armenian, threatening a shaky ceasefire between two long-time foes.
Tourists walk beside Royal Caribbean's cruise ship ?Enchantment of the Seas? after they arrive in Cozumel

Are Cruise Ships Liable For Dangers On Shore?

A newly reinstated negligence lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Line could become a pivotal piece of legislation in defining to what extent cruise ships may be held liable for criminal acts perpetrated against passengers at various ports of call.
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Syria: Killings Spike To Record Level In August; Red Cross Seeks Entry

The International Committee of the Red Cross announced on Tuesday that they will be expanding their efforts in Syria with the help of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent to help the hundreds of thousands of displaced refugees. Meanwhile, the US drags its heels and the UN's efforts have amounted to nothing to stem the violence.
NAM Summit

NAM Summit Opens: UN Chief Slams Iran On Rights, Syria And Nukes

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon communicated to Iranian leaders his strong disapproval of Iran's rights record and of its stand on key issues causing regional and global tensions, within hours of his arrival in Tehran to attend the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit Wednesday.


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