Instagram could very well be the next e-commerce destination for shoppers.

The Facebook Inc.-owned app will be rolling out a new test tap-to-buy feature that would allow users to click on a product's photo and buy it through the app, Bloomberg Technology reported Tuesday.

The new feature would allow users to click directly on a product, where one tap would pull the product’s name, price and description, and another tap that would take the user directly to the retailer’s website.

The image-driven app already features third party click-to-buy shopping services like Like to Know It, which Instagram users can sign up for separately to receive full lists of products that they “like” from fellow 'Grammers.  

Instagram’s new shopping feature test will allow the social media network to cull data and information from users’ interactions with the service so they can see what needs to be tweaked and what will be added in the future.

“We are so well-positioned in this space,” Instagram’s vice president of monetization, James Quarles, told Bloomberg. “Instagram is super visual, we have a well-defined graph of your interests based on what you’re following, and the serendipity of discovery happens every day through the ad products you follow.”

Beginning Tuesday, Instagram will be unveiling the new test feature through select retailers only, according to Refinery 29. The tech company has selected 20 brands to debut the tap to buy purchasing capability, including Warby Parker, Kate Spade and J.Crew. The participating retailers will be able to tag up to five products to a post.

The new capability might mean that Instagram users could potentially save items to buy later if the current tap-to-buy method sees success.