Two car bombs were detonated outside a government building in Diwaniyah, Iraq Tuesday morning. The paired blasts resulted in the deaths of at least 27 people.

According to reports, another 53 people were injured in the attack.

The first bomb went off at 7:30 am outside the compound of the Provincial Governor Salem Alwan Hussein. Security units and emergency personnel quickly arrived on the scene when the second bomb was detonated.

This twin bomb technique is common, as it produces more casualties and targets national security troops.

Insurgent violence is on the rise in Iraq as the United States prepares to withdraw troops by the end of this year.

State institutions and government buildings are often the focus of suicide bombers and insurgents who hope to destabilize regions with international presences.

These repeated attacks are showing a continuing decline in the security situation. It should ring the bell, and the government should try to do something but is doing nothing, said parliament member Mahmoud Othman last week, after a bomb and gun-battle resulted in 12 deaths outside a provincial council headquarters in Diyala.

There is no law and order. This country is in a disaster.

Tuesday's bombings occurred in the al-Soub al-Sagheer neighborhood of Diwaniyah, the capital city of the Qadissiyah province, which is predominately Shiite. Similar attacks in Iraq rarely occur in Shiite areas, but violence has been escalating all across the country.

Two people were killed in Baghdad Tuesday morning when roadside bombs went off in the capital. Additionally two separate bombs were detonated outside of two Baghdad liqueur stores.