Anyone who watched Sex and the City probably couldn't help but wonder how Carrie Bradshaw afforded all those Manolo Blahniks -  at least in the early years, before she hit it big with $4 dollars a word at Vogue and a publishing contract.

While Bradshaw was portrayed as the least wealthy in her foursome, she still took cabs everywhere, ate all of her meals out (I use my stove for storage) and had a designer wardrobe to rival that of an heiress.

All this on her salary as a weekly columnist for a less-than-prestigious fictional newspaper?

An up-and-coming New York City writer who blogs as The Frenemy crunched some numbers, and they don't add up.

Reasoning that the economy was better in 1998 than it is now, The Frenemy estimates Bradshaw's columnist salary to be $500 a week, or $2,000 a month. She then (arbitarily) doubles her monthly income to $4,000 - because everybody loves Carrie.

After deducting taxes, this would leave her with $3,850 dollars.

Assuming the rent on her Upper East Side one bedroom was $1,800, Carrie would have $2,050 dollars left to cover her bills and living expenses -  $75.00 for gas and electric, $800 x 35 pairs of stilletos, $12 cosmopolitans, $8 cab rides multiple times a day, a million dollars for stupid a$$ clothes, and a trillion dollars for condoms.

In the bloggers understandable anger, the logic falls apart a bit, but we get - and appreciate - the point.

Still, The Frenemy really nails it home:

Carrie Bradshaw, you gotta be tripping b*lls to have us believe that you can sustain yourself that extravagantly on that one stupid-a$$ column. You lying b*tch!