Carrie Underwood is expecting a boy! The 31-year-old country singer showed off her baby bump Wednesday night while co-hosting the 2014 Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, and the baby's gender just sort of slipped out.

“We’re pregnant!” CMAs co-host Brad Paisley, 42, said to the crowd during their opening monologue.

“Brad, I don’t remember you being there,” Underwood quipped.

“Would you please just tell me what you’re having? Right now. I won’t tell anybody in this room. I promise. I’ll keep the secret,” he said. Underwood eventually gave in, presumably whispering the baby's gender in his ear.

“I’m so happy!” he joked. “I know something ya’ll don’t know! Suck it, TMZ!”

While Underwood didn't share her baby's gender with the audience, Paisley later spilled the beans while the pair was discussing Garth Brooks' appearance at the awards show.

“Do you think he will sign my baby?” Underwood excitedly asked Paisley.

“Hey, we could name him Garth!” Paisley said, revealing the baby’s gender.

“What are you doing? What is wrong with you!” Underwood scolded him as the audience cheered.

Later in the show, the co-hosts left fans confused about the baby's gender after Paisley presented Underwood with a pair of baby cowboy boots, complete with pink stitching; some questioned if Underwood was actually carrying a girl. Others have since speculated she may have more than one baby on board. Could the reigning queen of country actually be pregnant with twins? Some of her fans on Twitter sure think so.

Underwood, who's expecting her first child with 34-year-old husband Mike Fisher, announced her pregnancy over Instagram in September. “In honor of Labor Day, Ace & Penny would like to make an announcement. Their parents couldn’t be happier …” she posted on the social media site alongside an image of her two dogs wearing “I’m going to be a big brother/sister” shirts.