Country music superstar Carrie Underwood is ready to be a mom!

According to a report from the latest print edition of Life & Style, Underwood and her husband of four years, Canadian ice hockey player Mike Fisher, 33, are prepping to have a baby this year. While the 30-year-old “Good Girl” performer isn’t reportedly pregnant yet, the Grammy award-winner is rumored to be hoping to have her first child by this year’s end.

“During the holidays they told friends and family that 2014 was going to be the year they had a baby,” an unidentified friend of the couple told the magazine, adding, “They’re both finally ready now!”

So why is 2014 the big year? According to the gossip publication, the couple originally wanted to start their family last year, a plan which failed due to Underwood’s busy work schedule. “Mike and Carrie hopped to get pregnant in 2013, but they decided to put it off,” said the source, when commenting on the singer’s 114-date Blown Away tour and her role as Maria Rainer in NBC’s live TV performance of “The Sound of Music.”

While the magazine mainly cited Underwood’s pals in the piece, the singer also spoke of her pending baby plans. “I really want my 30s to be all about my family. When we do have kids, it’s gonna be wonderful,” said Underwood, later adding her belief that her athlete beau will be a great parental figure. “[Mike’s] going to be great dad [and] that makes the whole parent situation seem much, much better,” she said. Fisher, a player for the Nashville Predators, also shared his high hopes for his leading lady's parenting skills, saying, “If she treats her kids half as good as she treats the dogs, they’ll be in great shape."

So just how many kids does Underwood plan to have? According to the country music superstar, two is her magic number. “I think two is a good number,” Underwood told the magazine, adding, “I don’t want too many!”

Underwood’s personal life last made headlines in January, when Star magazine reported that the Oklahoma native was feuding with Fisher over their pending pregnancy plans. According to the rumors, Underwood was more interested in focusing on her burgeoning acting career while Fisher was keen on starting a family with the country crooner.

“Carrie is reneging on her baby promise,” a source told the magazine, reporting that Underwood agreed to try for a baby after completing her “Sound of Music” performance. “Mike only put up with Carrie’s consuming role because she promised to work on starting a family when the show finally wrapped,” added the insider.