Casey Anthony, who had appeared flirtatious during trial last week, broke down in tears as prosecutors hammered home evidence to prove that the 25-year-old killed her toddler daughter and hid her body in the car trunk before dumping it in a swamp -- all because Casey wanted to live her life without bother.

When the court rested on Sunday, prosecutors were left with three more hours of argument, after which the jury will decide the fate of Casey, who is accused of killing her two-year-old daughter three years ago. If she is found guilty of first degree murder, she could be sentenced to death.

The prosecution's argument was that Casey killed her daughter as she feared that an increasingly 'verbal' child would spill the secrets of her carefree life and that she wanted to steer clear of the botheration of raising the child. Caylee was born out of wedlock, and there is unresolved mystery about who fathered her. At one point Casey had said she could not conclusively say who fathered Caylee, and suggested that she could have been conceived in one of those one-night flings.

According to the prosecution, there was a conflict between the life that she wanted and the life that was thrust upon her.

It was revealed in various testimonies in court over 33 days of trial that Casey had partied, tattooed herself and lived a carefree life since the time Caylee was reported missing. According to the prosecution Casey Anthony wanted to pursue a relationship with her boyfriend and enjoy a life of freedom.

The prosecutors said Casey had spun a web of lies around herself and the story of Caylee's disappearance. The evidence in this case proves beyond doubt that Casey Anthony decided on June 16, 2008, that something had to be sacrificed, that the conflict between the life that she wanted and the life that was thrust upon her was simply irreconcilable and something had to give, said prosecutor Jeff Ashton.

She chose to sacrifice her child to live the life that she wanted. She took her child, she took her life…and she disposed of her body in a swamp, Ashton said in powerful closing arguments.

Meanwhile, the defense attorney said there was insufficient evidence to convict Casey Anthony and that the key question in this case, ‘how did Caylee die?’, would never be answered. The prosecution reiterated its stance that Casey sacrificed her daughter in cold-blooded fashion so that she could enjoy her life to the fullest.

Baez made some impassioned rhetoric arguing that Casey Anthony was innocent and tried to swing emotional balance in favor of her.

I'd like to call this next phase, the state's fantasy of forensics ... Phantom stickers, phantom DNA, no fingerprints, nothing. But she's a liar and a slut, Baez said, rejecting the evidence presented by the prosecution.

Convict her on that...she made some stupid decisions, but let's make her pay with her life, he said sarcastically.

Casey Anthony is accused of murdering her daughter by applying chloroform first and sealing her mouth with duct tapes, looked away. Caylee's death took place in June 2008.

Casey Anthony denies the charges that she murdered her toddler daughter. She contends that Caylee drowned accidentally in the swimming pool. If she is found guilty of first degree murder, Casey Anthony could be sentenced to death by lethal injection.

The prosecution says Casey killed the little girl by suffocation and kept the dead body in the boot of her for several days. She then dumped the body in the woods near her parents' home.

Casey Anthony defense say the child died in a pool accident and the accused and her father covered it up. Casey's story is that she lied about Caylee's death because she was 'conditioned to lie'. She had also accused her father of sexually abusing her for years when she was a child, a charge George has denied in court.