Casey Anthony was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of lying to law enforcement officers. Though she could face up to four years in prison, her having spent 3 years in jail may release Anthony as early as tomorrow, when the sentence is announced. 


What's more, Anthony can potentially appeal the conviction and be found completely innocent.


Verdicts in Casey Anthony Case:

First-Degree Murder: Not Guilty

Aggravated Child Abuse: Not Guilty

Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child: Not Guilty

Providing False Information to a Law Enforcement Officer Counts 4-7: Guilty


Casey Anthony was found not guilty for murdering her daughter, Caylee Anthony. The verdict given on Tuesday left the spectators and media with many unanswered questions. While anger and disappointment are prevalent among those who believed Casey was guilty of murder, the future of Casey Anthony seems to be brighter than many expected.

There certainly are grounds for Anthony to appeal conviction on charges of lying to deputies, according to Florida attorneys.

Nancy McClintic, an Orlando defense attorney who has followed the case closely, pointed to the numerous in-court disputs between lawyers which ended up in private discussions with the judge, reports the Orlando Sentinel. When you have that many sidebars, that means you have that many issues that are possible appellate issues, said McClintic.

When Casey Anthony lied saying Caylee was with a nanny and that Anthony worked at the Universal Studio, she did not know that she had a right to remain silent.

Courts have long held that a suspect's statements can be used against her at trial, even if she has not been read her rights, as long as she made them before she was arrested or taken into custody, reported the Sentinel. According to testimony, however, Anthony was not officially in custody, although a deputy put her in handcuffs and later removed them.

Defense attorneys could ask for the conviction to be overturned, since Circuit Judeg Belvin Perry let jurors listen to a good deal of evidence that portrayed Anthony as a party girl who went out dancing while her daughter was missing and got a Bella Vita tattoo, which means beautiful life in Spanish. The tactic used by the prosecution was more of a character assassination than evidence of commitment of a crime, said Kendall Coffey, a former U.S. attorney in South Florida. 


Casey Anthony hugged her lawyers upon hearing the verdict. She beamed happily as she was fingerprinted in the courtroom for her misdemeanor convictions, reports ABC News.

In the murder trial, the forensic evidence from both sides were very confusing for the jury. With no DNA evidence of Casey Anthony in the scene, it was difficult for jury to leap from the uncaring mother portrayed by the public image of Casey Anthony, to a child murderer who applied chloroform and suffocated her daughter and dumped the body in the woods.

While evidence and history of Casey's lies abound, the prosecution was hurt by the fact that nobody knows exactly how Caylee died. The decomposition of Caylee's body went too far for anyone to discover the cause of death.