Controversies surrounding Casey Anthony apparently don't end. Here is a new one. According to reports, a strip club in Port St. Lucie, Florida, has landed in trouble after offering Anthony the job of a stripper.

The offer made by the club owner, Doug Delvin, has divided the town of Port St. Lucie, reports the Global Christian Post.

Delvin, the owner of strip club Body Talk, had followed the three-year trial and final acquittal of the Florida mother and was aware of her move to Port St. Lucie from nearby Orlando.

When he heard that Anthony was struggling to find a job due to the lack of education and skills, he put up a sign board at the club on Sunday that read: Hey Casey We Are Hiring.

Though the majority of people in the town are highly critical of Delvin's offer, he says he might actually hire Anthony if she applies for the job.

I started hearing the gossip around town and I'm like, who really? I wanted to welcome her to our city, as a bit of a joke, Delvin told CBS 12. If she wanted to come in and apply for a job, I would look at her like everybody else, Delvin told WDBO-AM radio station, he added.

While Delvin is all ready to welcome Anthony, there are others who want her gone so badly that they are ready to even pay for her travel fares.

Brian Scheuble, founder of the Port St. Lucie Christian travel agency Go With God, has offered the 25-year-old a free one-way air ticket to any place in the world, on condition that she never comes back to Florida.

I think if she really wants to convince people that she's a certain way ... then she might consider going, Scheuble told The Orlando Sentinel.

People are not happy she's here, Scheuble added.

Anthony was acquitted in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee Anthony due to lack of evidence. After the trial, which became a national sensation, people who still believed that Anthony was accused gave her death threats. She soon became a subject of public scrutiny and hatred.

Recently, there were reports that Anthony was considering getting baptized in the hope of meeting her dead daughter in heaven.

An insider told Radaronline that the tot mom,wanted to start a new life. Casey has planned to get baptized sometime this month, the insider said.

Casey believes that Caylee is with God now and wants to ensure her own salvation so that she'll see her daughter again someday, the source had said.