On Wednesday, Anthony's lawyer Mark Lippman provided a shocking message that the media frenzied over: Casey Anthony's parents do not believe their daughter is innocent, but they want her to avoid the death penalty.

But he later backtracked, as his statement caused a 'misunderstanding.' Lippman said I've never said they thought she was guilty. I only said they have no idea what happened.  ...it sounds like I was saying my clients think she is guilty of murder. I never said that. And any inference to that is wrong.

Come Thursday, a bombshell twist is introduced to the courtroom as Casey's mother attempted to blast prosecution evidence, claiming that she was the one who googled facts about chloroform on the family's computer.

The state is accusing Casey of researching the chemical three months before before using it against her two-year-old Caylee. Now Casey's mother Cindy is saying she pulled up the searches in March of 2008, seeking information relating to her pets.

I was concerned about my smallest Yorkie - we have two Yorkie puppies. The smallest one was having some issues where she was extremely tired all the time. Both of the dogs would eat the bamboo leaves out the back so I started looking up sources from the back yard that could cause her to be more sleepy, and I started with 'chlorophyll' and that prompted me to look up 'chloroform', Cindy testified in court.

Looking at chlorophyll, there's some bacteria associated with chloroform. It comes from different species of plants that have red and brown colour, and that prompted me to look up chloroform because some species naturally produce chloroform.

In addition to chloroform, the home computer has been used to search for other terms such as neck breaking, death, head injuries, shovel, how to make household weapons, according to prosecutors.

Although Cindy did not account for all the search terms, she testified I didn't search for 'neck breaking' but I do recall that there was a pop-up that was showing a YouTube (video) that was showing a skateboarder that was going on rails...I recall it saying 'a neck-breaking feat'.