A California bounty hunter named Leonard Padilla plans to sue Casey Anthony, claiming that a search for two-year-old Caylee Anthony cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Padilla says that Anthony and her lawyer Jose Baez lied to him about Caylee's disappearance. He claims that Anthony knew her daughter was dead when Padilla made his services available. On behalf of the Anthony family, Padilla flew to Florida and began a detailed search for the missing girl.

It turns out she knew where the child was all along, Padilla told CNN. They misled me, and it is definitely fraud.

Padilla offered a $25,000 reward for finding Caylee. He also allegedly paid for personal security during his hunt and claims he fronted a $50,000 bond for Anthony when she was jailed for the murder of her daughter.

Casey Anthony never testified at trial. So he needs to prove that she lied to him, Johnny Griffin, a California legal expert, told CNN affiliate KCRA.

If Padilla does sue Anthony, he wil be the second party to do so over the hunt for young Caylee.

Last week, an non-profit investigation group called Texas Equusearch filed a suit against Anthony, claiming the mother let the agency spend more than $100,000 on a manhunt she knew was futile.

According to documents filed in an Orange County, Florida court, Texas Equusearch is a highly-regarded non-profit organization dedicated to the search and recovery of missing person in cooperation with law enforcement.

The company is funded through donations, which Texas Equusearch is claiming Casey Anthony wasted during the manhunt for a girl who Anthony knew was dead.

Cindy Anthony hired TES when Casey Anthony told her mother that two-year-old Caylee was abducted by the babysitter. After that was proved false, TES engaged in a thorough search for the girl, and talked with Casey in Florida on numerous occasions. Casey told the investigator, who was apparently very decorated and highly lauded, that young Caylee was still alive.

It was revealed in court, however, that Casey Anthony was well aware of her daughter's death. TES is claiming that its search, which cost them over $100,000 and involved more than 4,200 volunteers in 13 states and 10,000 hours of searches, could have been avoided if Anthony hadn't lied to them.

Tragically, TES claims that they couldn't assist 15 other families with missing children because they were too busy looking for Caylee Anthony.

The case will be examined by the Circuit Court of the 9th Judicial Circuit for Orange County.

Texas Equusearch has done 1,200 missing persons searches in 42 states and a number of countries. They have found more than 300 people. The company never charges the families for the searches. That is, until now.