Casey Anthony’s lawyer on Tuesday went to court to challenge judge’s order that Anthony must serve a year of probation in Orlando for check fraud charges.

Judge Stan Strickland ordered Anthony, 25, to report to a probation office for check fraud charges that she admitted to in 2010.

The judge wants Anthony to serve probation after she is released from jail on the murder charge, rather than during her custody, Reuters reported.

The attorney Cheney Mason filed an emergency motion on Tuesday before the Orange County Courthouse closed for the day. Strickland, at the time of Anthony’s check fraud plea, said that she would serve a year of probation after her release from jail, but forgot to repeat that in his final order, Mason said.

Strickland was in charge of Anthony's murder case until 2010, but he stepped down at the request of her defense team.

Anthony was released from the Orange County jail on July 15, after she was acquitted of murder charges of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee.

Since Anthony’s release, her location has been kept secret from the public and the judge's order provoked speculation that she would be required to report to a probation office in Orlando.

Mason in his motion also said that Anthony’s return to the Orlando area would place her in "great danger" and might force taxpayers to bear a large security expense.

"The defendant has received several threats upon her safety and life," Reuters quoted Mason as saying.

The attorney blamed Strickland of negligent disregard for Anthony's civil rights saying that the judge's action subjected her to jeopardy.