A video of Casey Anthony that was recorded at the Orange County, Fla., jail in December 2008 has been released after a Florida Judge ruled Friday that the video that was sealed because it was considered inflammatory be released to the public. The decision was given out two days after hearing.

The video shows Anthony's reaction upon learning that her daughter Caylee's remains were found. The video that was recorded by a security camera has no sound. Anthony's defense team opposed the release of the video to the public.

In July this year, an Orlando media outlet filed a motion to release the jailhouse videotape of Anthony as she was watching the TV breaking news coverage of Caylee's remains being found near the woods by her grandparents' Orlando home. By that time, Caylee had gone missing for six months and the authorities had already spent five months looking for her. A week after finding the remains, the authorities declared that they were that of Caylee's.

At the time, Anthony was in a medical facility on sheriff's office orders and the camera recorded her reactions.

Judge Stan Strickland had ordered the videotape to be sealed until further order of this court.

The reason for sealing (the video) -- Ms. Anthony's right to a fair trial -- is no longer applicable because the trial has been completed and she has been acquitted of all charges other than lying to law enforcement officers, wrote Perry, before ordering the state attorney's office to release the video, according to CNN.

The judge also added that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in jail.

Last week, Perry ordered her to pay $217,000 to authorities for costs related to investigating Caylee's disappearance. Anthony was acquitted in July of the murder chargers of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee. Anthony's defense claimed that the toddler accidently drowned in the family swimming pool.