The Massachusetts House of Representatives has widely approved casino gambling in the state and the bill will now go to the Senate, The Boston Globe reported.

The bill passed 123-32, the Associated Press reported.

If it passes the Senate, it would authorize three casinos and one slots-only gambling parlor,The Boston Globe reported.

The first slot parlor could open within one year, House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said Wednesday night, The Boston Globe reported.

Supporters cited increased job opportunities for the state, which reported a 7.6 percent unemployment rate in July, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I can't ignore the thousands of jobs and I won't ignore the hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, representative Joseph F. Wagner said, The Boston Globe reported.

Others were not so optimistic.

The bill overpromises and it will underperform, representative Denise Provost said, The Boston Globe reported.