As “Castle” returned to ABC for its Season 7 premiere on Monday, viewers may have gotten their title character back, but those seeking answers about Castle’s (Nathan Fillion) attack in the first episode may have been disappointed. The premiere, which focused on Beckett’s (Stana Katic) search for her fiancé, raised more questions than it gave answers. Viewers will remember that in the Season 6 finale, Castle was attacked on the way to their wedding. It was unexplained who or what was behind the attack, but the end of the episode showed a confused and distraught Beckett staring down at a fiery car wreck, wondering if her husband-to-be was dead.

The premiere picked up right where Season 6 left off, and Beckett was immediately on the case, searching for Castle. She eventually found him, but only after two months of tireless searching (helped along by a nice investigation montage). When she finally did find Castle, he was unconscious on a raft in the middle of the ocean with a gunshot wound and did not remember a thing after the crash. He's not dead, but what happened to him?

It gets even more complicated. During Beckett’s investigation, she first tracked Castle to a junkyard where she apprehended a man who had just destroyed the car that took Castle from the scene of the wreck. He admitted that someone paid him to get rid of the car, and security tapes revealed it was Castle himself who delivered the money! Further investigation revealed that it was the same money Castle had withdrawn for their planned honeymoon.

A mysterious phone caller at the end of the episode asked Castle if he was ready to hear the truth. Fans would sure like to know! Did Castle play a part in his own kidnapping? And if so, why? Fans will have to tune in next week to find out.

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