“Castle” returns to ABC for Season 7 on Monday. Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) will be back solving cases in the new episodes, but first Beckett will have to find her fiancé after the shocking events of the Season 6 finale. Fans were left with a lot of questions after the titular star was run off the road before the much-anticipated wedding. Viewers will finally get to find out what happened in the "Castle" Season 7 premiere.

Here are eight things fans should know before episode 1 airs:

1. No Lost Time

There will be no time jump between the two seasons. The Season 7 premiere of “Castle” will pick up exactly where the Season 6 finale left off. The last shot of Season 6 showed Beckett in her wedding dress looking down at the fiery wreck of Castle’s car, hoping he was not inside. A sneak peek of the opening scene showed that the premiere would pick up from that shot with Beckett running down to inspect the car, putting her life in danger. But she will not find Castle in the car.

2. Where is Castle?

Castle has been taken in the premiere, and much of the episode will feature Beckett’s search for her fiancé. Promos have had fun with the fan speculation that Castle could be dead, but don’t expect to have seen the last of the crime-fighting writer. Questions remain, though, as to what happened at the end of Season 6. Producers have teased that answers will come in the premiere, but that episode will also raise questions that have Beckett doubting how well she knows Castle.

3. Beckett Gets Angry

In her search for Castle, Beckett gets fairly emotional. A sneak peek scene from the premiere shows Beckett tracking Castle’s GPS to a junkyard, and the cop gets angrier than fans have ever seen her. Refusing to wait for backup, she rushes in and tackles a man trying to flee the scene, screaming at him for information. Watch out for Beckett in Season 7!

4. Wedding Bells?

When Season 6’s long-awaited wedding was spoiled, fans immediately started wondering when the couple would get back together. Showrunner David Amann promises a wedding will come ... eventually. The show could wait until the end of Season 7 or even longer to air the nuptials. The ceremony also wouldn’t return to the Hamptons, where the couple planned to wed in Season 6 (after a fire forced them out of their original venue). Amann, though, promises a wedding ceremony that is fitting for their relationship.  

5. Matt Letscher

The Season 7 premiere will feature an exciting guest star appearance in Matt Letscher. Letscher, who is most famous for playing Billy Chambers in “Scandal,” will play Henry Jenkins in “Castle.” Jenkins is a security consultant who will help Beckett in her search for Castle, providing key information.

6. Alternate Reality

Season 7 of “Castle” will feature an alternate reality episode that will answer the question – what if Castle and Beckett never had met? The episode will be one of the lighter, funnier episodes of the season and will include all the major characters -- but in reimagined situations. Fans can look forward to seeing a whole new take on their favorite characters.

7. Ryan Sands

Season 7 will also feature a Ryan Sands in a recurring role. Sands is most famous for playing Officer Lloyd Garrick in the critically acclaimed HBO show “The Wire.” Sands will play a Hamptons police sergeant who helps Beckett search for Castle.

8. Premiere Synopsis

The synopsis for the premiere, titled “Driven,” teases that Castle's accident will put Beckett through "the toughest case of her career."

Watch the trailer for Season 7 of “Castle” below:

“Castle” returns Monday, Sept. 29, at 10 p.m. EDT. Are you excited? Tweet your thoughts to @Ja9GarofaloTV.