The wait is finally over for fans of “Castle.” The hit ABC series returns Monday with its Season 7 premiere. The premiere will pick up where the Season 6 finale left off and Beckett (Stana Katic) will have to search to find her fiancé, Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion), after he was attacked on the way to their wedding. Fans, though, may need a little refresher on what led up to the tragic events at the end of Season 6.

The Season 6 finale of “Castle” began with Beckett and Castle going to get their marriage license when they realized that Beckett was, shockingly, already married. Apparently, when she was a freshman in college she had taken a trip to Las Vegas with her then-boyfriend Rogan (Eddie McClintock) and the two drunkenly married at a drive-thru chapel. Beckett went to upstate New York to get Rogan’s signature on divorce papers.

Meanwhile, Castle oversaw a comedy of errors with the planning. First the venue burned down in a fire. Then, Beckett’s wedding dress was ruined when a pipe burst. After arranging to have the ceremony moved to their house in the Hamptons, Castle went to help Beckett.

Getting the signature proved to be no easy task. Rogan was kidnapped shortly after Beckett arrived, and Castle and Beckett found out that he owed money all over town. They finally tracked his location to a barn where he was being held by wanted mob boss Mickey Barbossa (R.D. Call). Rogan had been blackmailing Barbossa and the mobster was sick of the game. Castle convinced Barbossa that the dirt Rogan had on him was at Rogan’s apartment, where a biker gang, who also want money from Rogan, were waiting. When the gang realized Barbossa was a wanted man with a high price on his head, they took him instead and Castle and Beckett were out of trouble. Rogan gave Beckett his signature after he was freed.

Finally, the wedding was on and with Beckett waiting at the altar in her wedding dress, all viewers were waiting for was for Castle to arrive so the couple could exchange their vows. Instead, though, Beckett got a call that there had been an accident. Castle’s car had been run off the road by a mysterious attacker and Beckett arrived to find it engulfed in flames. The episode ended with her staring down at the wreck, distraught and unknowing if Castle was still in the car.

Was Castle killed? And, if not, where is he and who is responsible for the attack? Fans will finally get some answer when “Castle” returns. 

"Castle" returns Monday, Sept. 29, at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Who do you think attacked Castle? Tweet your thoughts to @Ja9GarofaloTV.