He may be one of the President's favorite musicians, but maybe not for long after this weekend.

Singer Cee Lo Green decided that he would sing the uncensored version of his hit song, Forget You, at a fundraiser event for President Barack Obama at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Ga. Friday night, replacing forget with f--k and throwing the middle finger.

Just as the first curse word could have been uttered, Cee Lo Green instead flipped the middle finger before moving to the uncensored version, belting out a proud F--k you at the fundraiser.

But at least he was considerate, as he asked before dropping the curse word in his lyrics, Can I curse in here?

In the end, Cee Lo switched to the censored Forget You version for the $500-per-ticket event at the Tyler Perry Studios, where he also sang Fool For You, Crazy and It's Alright.

According to ABC News, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney did not comment on the Cee Lo Green flub at the fundraiser when asked on Air Force One. However, Carney told reporters that President Obama is a fan of Cee Lo Green and maybe has some songs by Cee Lo on his iPod.

I think he might, Carney said of owning Cee Lo's music. I know he's a fan.

Not everyone was as unfazed as Carney, though. During coverage of the incident, Fox News' Sean Hannity told panelist host Mary Walter that the lyrics were inappropriate at the fundraising event for the President.

Am I just impossibly old, or a fuddy-duddy? Hannity said.

It makes you long for the days of Sinatra, Walter responded.

On Friday, President Obama was interrupted by an attendee's cell phone sounding, with the ringtone blaring a song by rapper Ludacris.

Whoa. Got some 'Luda' on there? the President said. I hope it's the clean version.

View the video below to see Cee Lo Green curse and throw the middle finger at the Obama fundraiser.