April 24th marks World Book Day, a celebration of authors and books that is recognized by 100 counties. Though it is commonly associated with youngsters, the fun event serves as a reminder to all that reading is an indispensable part of human development. This is particularly true for women, who often seek comfort in tales of romance and forays into feminine desires. Here are five fun and fabulous reads for women to enjoy on World Book Day!

On the Island: What could be better than working on a tropical island? Anna Emerson asks herself that very question when she decides to tutor a seventeen year old at his family's summer estate. At thirty, Anna is seeking comfort and validation in the form of assisting the young man, who has been suffering the effects of cancer. Things take a drastic turn when their plane lands prematurely on a deserted island. The two must learn to live with only each other for companionship.

In Search of Lucy: When Lucy Lang's estranged sister needs a kidney transplant, a floodgate of emotions is opened. After years of focusing on her sister and binge drinker mother, she longs to break free from her struggling family. After it's discovered that only Lucy can save her sister, she is forced to confront difficult memories. Solace merges in the form of a devoted young man. Can Lucy overcome her past and reap the benefits of love?  

Bared to You (A Crosswire Novel): Gideon Cross is sexy, enigmatic, and a workaholic. Determined to bury the hardships of his past, he hides his emotions and conducts himself in a manner that is strikingly professional and domineering. Yet one afternoon, he becomes enamored with stunning advertising assistant, Eva Trammell. The ambitious young woman is taken with Gideon but because she is hindered by personal difficulties, keeps her distance from him. However, their deepening attraction for one another forces their inhibitions to gradually dissipate.

An Ordinary Girl: Determined to lead a normal life, Ash keeps the harsh nature of her past hidden. Noah, a suffering war photographer, does the same. Both lead lives of pain and secrecy and are convinced that they're undeserving of love. Noah seeks comfort in an unhealthy sexual relationship while Ash attempts to appease those around her. Yet when their lives intercept, neither of them could have anticipated the indisputable passion that follows.

Rock Me: What could be better than mixing rebellion with lust? On her birthday, Candice decides that it's time to take charge of her own life. She sets out to get a tattoo from the one man her family wholeheartedly disapproves of, Brian. Naïve and innocent Candice intrigues Brian immensely. What he doesn't know is that Candice has been yearning for him. Their attraction for one another brings about major conflicts, as her parents try to keep them apart. Brian knows he should stay away but finds that he needs her more than she could know.