Tia Carrere and Lou Ferrigno went head-to-head as project managers on Sunday's episode of Celebrity Apprentice, but as Ferrigno shined in the role, Carrere was the latest member of the group to get the boot in Donald Trump's unforgiving boardroom.

Incredible Hulk actor, Ferrigno, narrowly missed being fired last week, but  he came fighting back this week as he lead his team into victory.

The two teams were asked to create a viral video advertising a mop. The groups were spilt into male and female counterparts lead by Carrere and Ferrigno. 

 Altough the male team won, they got off on a rocky start. Team member, Clay Aiken, was convinced that there were people in the room setting Ferrigno up for a fail. Aiken's statement was directed at Penn Jilletee. I never dislike anyone but with Penn when I try to find a silver lining I can't,' he said.

Ferrigno ignored the dispute and continued in his task with full focus. The men started brainstorming, which brought the catch phrase. I'm going to mop the floor with you.

Ferrigno came up with a humorous pitch, where he would play a man raging at the camera before revealing to the audience that he was, in fact, having it out with the mop. Then an attractive woman would enter and give information about the product while Ferrigno would dance around the mop.

The female team took a more risky approach. They went with the concept of comparing the number of mops to the number of sexual partners they have had in the past. Their catchphrase: What is your number?

Carrere, a singer and songwriter, took the reins on the project and in the boardroom the group were criticized for producing a traditional commercial instead of one that had the potential to go viral. Carrere's team members said they felt intimated by their team leader, which resulted in her firing herself.

She took sole responsibility for the teams failures and asked Trump to fire her personally, which he did.

Leaving the show Carrere said she was happy she could leave the show with her head held high. She said the team dynamics had started getting ugly and she didn't want to be a part of that.