'The Celebrity Apprentice' is back and how! From the Saturday night cast party to the two-hour Sunday premier and an unexpected pinch of the scandalous riot Charlie Sheen, the latest season of the reality show has begun and is most likely to rule the headlines in the coming weeks.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump heralded the fourth season of 'The Celebrity Apprentice' and the eleventh overall season of 'The Apprentice' with a declaration from the roof of Radio City Music Hall: The circus is back in town, and you're looking at the ringmaster.

The list of celebrities trying to put their careers back on track with a little help from Trump in the name of charity include: Hollywood bad boy Gary Busey, rockstar Meat Loaf, rapper Lil Jon, baseball player Jose Canseco, former 'Survivor' Richard Hatch, LaToya Jackson and Dionne Warwick

Although there was barely any change in the game play with the typical gender-based team split-up followed by tasks, the two hour Sunday premiere of the show was wildly entertaining. Nevertheless, it was Gary Busey's antics at the cast party in Vegas Sunday night that has left the media buzzing with a tad bit of male nudity and a pinch of Charlie Sheen.

Gary Busey hit the stripper pole during the Vegas cast party and nearly lost his pants in the process, TMZ reported with pictures and the video of the celeb gone wild.

Meanwhile, CNN quoted Busey as saying that he was praying for the 'Two and Half Men' actor Charlie Sheen. At Las Vegas's Surrender nightclub during the launch party for 'Celebrity Apprentice', Busey told the media outlet that he has known Sheen for 30 years.