Movie stars have been getting in trouble with the law for nearly a century, and now artist Michael Jason Enriquez has searched 1920 mugshots to match them with their celebrity doppelgängers.

A doppelgänger is someone who looks just like you, and some believe that there is one for everyone.

Since mugshots and celebrities are almost synonymous for Hollywood stars, it couldn't have been too hard for Enriquez to create a list of vintage Hollywood images of today's stars.

(Click here for the complete file of vintage Hollywood mug shots. which includes socialite Khloe Kardashian, actor Mel Gibson and former Nickelodeon actress Amanda Bynes.)

Enriquez describes his project on his site "Mugshot Doppelgängers:"

"There's a strange connection that draws us into vintage photographs. Seeing doppelgängers (look-a-likes) in old pictures is our brain's way of linking us to the past. We see what isn't there - someone recognizable, a family member, maybe a friend, and then there are the ones that bear an uncanny resemblance to modern day celebrities."

He continues, "We're so used to seeing celebrity faces on our tv, on blogs, and we even know what their mugshots look like. The tacky looking mugshots we have today are in stark contrast to the mugshots taken in the 1920's."

"Vintage mugshots have an eerie beauty to them that's lost in current mugshot photography. What would celebrity mugshots, the ones we've become accustomed to seeing on TMZ, look like if instead they were taken in the 1920's?"

The first celebrity to appear in Enriquez's portfolio is the notorious Lindsay Lohan. After fame with the blockbuster movie "Mean Girls," Lohan's partying got out of hand and she's been struggling with alcohol ever since.

She's ended up in jail a few times and was ordered to wear an ankle monitor so she could be tracked at all times. Lohan is currently on the path to recovery, with the Lifetime "Liz and Dick" and Bret Easton Elis' new movie with porn star James Deen's debut role in "The Canyons."

Stars like Paris Hilton, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, Nicole Richie and Robert Downey Jr. are all former troublemakers gone good.

Hilton has been laying low lately. Snooki seems to have changed her life around now that she's had a child and is engaged and the same goes to Nicole Richie who is now a mother of two and married to Good Charlotte's frontman Joel Madden.

Robert Downey Jr. has been enjoying a lucrative acting career now that he's gotten sober with his "Iron Man" series being a massive hit on the silver screen.