Dish Network, which has lost ground in the satellite TV wars, is trying to relaunch itself by introducing a set of new and simplified DVRs and adding extensive music services. It also announced a multiyear relationship to carry Spanish-language broadcasts from Univision Communications.

The new Hopper DVR will allow consumers to receive Dish's entire complement of channels and allow simultaneous recording of as many as six channels. New music channels are intended to transform the TV into a combination TV-music-gaming media center.

How often are you at home and not listening to music? new Dish CEO Joe Clayton, 61,  asked International Business Times during an interview at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I am never at home without music on - or the TV.

Clayton said the Hopper DVR and a new simplification should permit the Englewood, Colo.-based satellite company to regain customers and faster growth. Dish Network reported about 14 million customers in the third quarter of 2011, making it the No. 3 satellite service.

Clayton, who formerly ran Thomson RCA Electronics, Global Crossing and Frontier, was the also the first CEO of Sirius  Satellite Radio, so he said when Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen asked him to succeed him as CEO last Mayss , it was a no-brainer.

Clayton told IBTimes,  I came out of retirement for this because I missed the action.

Dish, which also plans to partner with Google for Internet TV services, also plans to offer a new set of family entertainment movies and DVDs from Blockbuster Entertainment. Wall Street views Blockbuster as a 'tarnished brand' but at Dish, we think Blockbuster means family entertainment, Clayton told IBTimes.

Dish acquired Blockbuster after it filed for bankruptcy.

The Hopper DVR, with a new chip from Broadcom, will store up to two terabytes of video and audio, which the company said should total up to 2,000 hours of programs. The accompanying Joey set-top box is designed to be placed into as many as six locations in the home.

Meanwhile, Dish said it's offering the six-channel recording function because research shows U.S. consumers tend to concentrate their VDRs on recording prime-time programs from the four major networks.

Pricing and schedules are to be introduced later in 2012.